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Judicature is a forum for fact and opinion relating to all aspects of the administration of justice and its improvement. Readers are invited to submit articles, news and letters for publication consideration.

Judicature strives to publish most accepted articles within six months, though that time frame can vary. To facilitate the blind review process, please submit two electronic copies – one with all identifying information removed. Authors will receive a decision on publication acceptance as soon as possible.

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Judicature The Journal of the American Judicature Society (ISSN 0022-5800) is published bimonthly and is indexed in Index to Legal Periodicals, Current Law Index, Legal Resource Index, Criminal Justice Periodical Index, and PAIS Bulletin and is available on-line on the WESTLAW service.

Each issue of Judicature contains:
President’s Report, prepared by the current AJS President who serves a one year term. 
An Editorial, prepared by a committee of individuals, appointed by the AJS President. 
Main Articles, submitted by authors and accepted after a blind review process.

Most issues contain:
Focus: substantive piece of research, about 500-1000 words in length, and is not subject to the blind review process like a main article.
Viewpoint: a guest op-ed on an aspect of administration of justice issues.
Report from the States: a vehicle for National Advisory Council members and AJS members to submit a 350-500 word report on something related to the AJS core mission that is happening in their state.
Book Review: reviewed by a scholar or legal authority with expertise in the field.
Noteworthy: short blurbs about a book, resource, or beneficial program that relate to an AJS core mission area.
Briefs: short news items that would be interesting to the Judicature reader, that are not lengthy like a main article, a focus piece, a viewpoint, a state-specific report, or a book review.

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Judicature Staff and Advisors




Professor Rorie Spill Solberg – Oregon State University - manuscripts@ajs.org

Editor Emeritus

David Richert - Retired

Publication Designer

Patricia Frey


Larry Baum, Ohio State University
Sara Benesh, University of Milwaukee – Wisconsin
Stephen Burbank, University of Pennsylvania Law School
Gregory A. Caldeira, Ohio State University
Lee Epstein, University of Southern California Gould School of Law
Tracey E. George, Vanderbilt Law School
Rebecca D. Gill, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Sheldon Goldman, University of Massachusetts – Amherst
Beth Henschen, Eastern Michigan University
Nancy J. King, Vanderbilt Law School
Lyrissa Barnett Lidsky, Levin College of Law, University of Florida
Stefanie A. Lindquist, the University of Georgia
Alistair Elizabeth Newbern, Vanderbilt Law School
Madhavi McCall, San Diego State University
William Raftery, National Center for State Courts
Jeffery A. Segal, Stony Brook University
Elliot Slotnick, Ohio State University
Ciara Torres-Spelliscy, Stetson University College of Law
Eric N. Waltenburg, Purdue University
Christopher Zorn, Penn State University

Editorial Assistant

Justin Isaballa Sarah Jacobs

Copy Editors

Ginger Marie Kimler and Aria Minu-Sepehr